GF-2000 and GF-2400 Clutchless

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GF-2000 Clutchless 5-Speed Transmission

The GF2000 transmission is used solely for clutchless applications. This transmission is ideal for any clutchless application. This transmission features more internal bearing supports than any other racing transmission on the market today. Generally, the GF2000 is used as a 5 speed, but it can also be built as a 4 speed depending upon the desired application. The GF2000 and the GF-5R have many of the same applications where a clutchless drag racing transmission is needed.

 GF-2000 Clutchless 5-Speed Transmission

GF-2000 Clutchless 5-Speed Transmission

The most significant advantage of the GF2000, however, is its’ strength. While the standard GF2000 is capable of handling 1,300 or more horsepower, depending upon application, it can be built to handle approximately 25-30 percent more power in the same vehicle with optional special gears. There is also a greater selection of ratios available for the GF2000. While most enthusiasts do not need this extra horsepower and ratio capability, the GF2000 makes them available for those that do. The available options for the GF2000 are REM® micropolished gears, ceramic ball bearings , and air shifting.


The GF2000 clutchless 5 speed is the latest development in transmission technology. Initally built specifally for big block and /or power adder applications, this transmission has endured countless hours of research and development and an equally rigorous testing agenda

GF-2400 Clutchless 4-Speed Transmission

The 4-Speed GF2400 can handle upwards of 1900 HP with ease and requires no chassis modifications to install in the place of the previous generation GF2000s. Along with all of the internal improvements, there are also more input shaft choices and more shifter locations available.

GF-2400 Clutchless 4-Speed Transmission                          GF-2400 Clutchless 4-Speed Transmission

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