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G Force GSR Dog Box Transmission H-Pattern 4- Speed

G Force GSR Dog Box Transmission H-Pattern 4- Speed

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Standard Input Shaft Options

The G-Force GSR is absolutely the end of the line in terms of absolute strength and performance from a 4 speed racing transmission. With its single rail and internally shifted design no other transmission offers the GSR’s uniqueness and versatility. Like the GF4A, the GSR offers both a dual bearing center support and an integrated mid plate. Similarly, the GSR offers an internal oil pump of its own that is very similar to the GF4A’s, but unique to the GSR nonetheless. However, an additional feature found on the GSR is its internal shifting mechanism.

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G Force GSR dog box have an output shaft that is *32 spline to handle maximum power transfer, GSR Dog Box transmission require a Hardened slip yoke for the front of your drive-shaft you are running. You can also purchase this "Hardened Slip Yoke" direct from us, the additional cost is $280.00

GSR Shifter Setback Options:

  • G Force offers you ANY shifter setback you desire
  • 21" , 24"  or 26" inches

G Force GSR CUSTOM Input Shafts:


  • 10 spline x 1.125 diameter 6.660" length
  • 10 spline x 1.375 diameter x 6.660" length DRAG RACING
    14 spline 2JZ x 1.125" diameter x length (LONG input *Used with Toyota V160 style Bell Housing*)
  • 24 spline RB/SR
  • 26 spline RX7 series

Please message us HERE for a custom quote. 

Lead time can take up to 4-8 weeks for all of our hand built GSR Transmissions. 

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